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Our Mission

Our Vision: "Loving people, sharing God"

The greatest movements in human history did not succeed merely because of a great vision; rather, they succeeded because great vision was coupled with an unwavering resolve to see the vision through to fulfillment. Great vision must be met with equally great commitment to that vision.

God-honoring vision is not just “dreamed up” by a leader. Instead, God-honoring vision is rooted in the history of God’s ways with men. God has already given us a pattern, a blueprint, if you will, of what He wants to do through the Church.

So, we must first look back before we can truly look forward to cast vision. That is why our vision for St. Luke’s Community Church starts with looking back, retelling the amazing story of first century Christianity as found in the book of Acts. This story is the model for our vision. There seem to have been very few “spectator Christians” in that original group of Christians. Most of them were on the field, seeing the dream through in their lifetime.

I challenge you to live with us for something that will last for eternity, to participate with us fully in the achievement of this vision. I invite you to become an imitator of those first Christians, who brought all of life under the gaze of God, and who lived full-on and full-out for eternal purposes. Let’s follow in those courageous, Christ-honoring footsteps!

Over the next decade of our life as a church we are aiming to fully embody six core qualities which will define the inward character of a “loving” church. These six qualities are the foundation. We believe that when God sees those qualities, living and breathing in our daily lives, in increasing measure, then He will move His mighty hand in increasing measure.

1. Power

We must be a Spirit-empowered church. No movement of God succeeds by human strength. “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord of hosts (Zechariah 4:6). If we expect to shake our world, we will need to live out of the riches of His supernatural resources. We need to be people who “walk in the Spirit.”

2. Prayer

We must strive to be a praying church, seeking God’s face in genuine dependence. There is no other way to unleash the mighty hand of God than to seek Him in dependent prayer. Every great movement of God is born of prayer, bathed in prayer, sustained in prayer.

3. The Name Above All Names

We must remain a Christ-enthralled church. The powerful activity of God the Father and the empowering work of God the Spirit are always centered on the exaltation of the name of God the Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. We must lift high His matchless name, keeping Him as the focus of our proclamation and our praise.

4. The Mission

Lost people must always be dear to our hearts! We must excel at being an outreach-oriented church, never losing sight of the mission. God’s heart is to seek and save the lost. That must remain the heartbeat of our mission. Never can we become “ingrown”; always we must look outwards to the community around us.

5. Community

We must be a “knit together” church, cultivating real spiritual family at all levels. Authentic Christianity is about relationships. We must continue to embrace people, so that everyone is truly cared for.

6. Sacrifice

We must cultivate a heart of sacrifice, the heart to lay it all on the line for the sake of Christ. God will use us to shake our world, if we offer our lives as living sacrifices to Him (Romans 12:1,2). He died for us. We must live for Him, full on and full out!

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